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Pals, we are very worried about a Guide Dog called Tess who was out with her person in Nairn, Scotland almost 2 weeks ago when she went missing. She could be anywhere in the UK by now. Here are the details:

TESSPlease keep a look out for her. There is also a Facebook page: FIND GUIDE DOG TESS

Thank you.

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Cosmo was a beautiful yorkshire terrier who sadly, earned his wings, on Sunday 9th February 2014 after a very short and unexpected illness.  Cosmo was one of Molly’s first friends on twitter and then introduced her to Facebook and they have been friends ever since that time.  Its been very hard for his family Cossie was their only furbaby and where his mum went Cossie went.  This blog is basically from Molly she has written a letter to her brother but let me write something beforehand (with no teeth showing)!

Cossie was the sweetest, kindest, loyal and most gorgeous of little boys! He was very loved and gave back just as much love to everyone that came into contact with him.  I miss him very much indeed.  We were due to meet him this year and it makes me so sad we won’t have that chance now I will still meet his mum and hope Cossie will see from the Bridge when we do.  I will leave the rest up to Molly but I miss you sweet boy and your smile and your infectious personality filling our timelines.


Dearest Cossie

I cannot beleeb I is writing dis to woo at da Bridge, you was and always will be my brofur and best furiend, woo touched people’s lives in so many ways, not to menshun mines.  I pawmembers when I dus first meets woo on Twitter woo was so werry kind to me and made me laff and put me at ease straightaway.  Infact, woo put everypawdy at ease what woo mets and woo was definitely da king of bling my bro!  Werry in touch wiv your feminine side as well *giggles*

video 1

Woo was one of da first furiends who put me at ease instantly when I hurts my eye and woo maded me an eyepatch which ob course was “CB” (Cossie Blinged).  So my bro how dus I pawscribe woos you was hannisum (ob course) werry loyal oh so lovinks da looks woo would gives your mummy were just priceless, sumtimes a wiccle cheeky woo pawmember da “bonio” escapade *giggles* ; but more dan all ob dose fings Cossie woo had a heart of gold and dat heart was da biggest I knows, when woo losted pals to rainbow bwidge woo always was da first dere wiv your kindness and dat big heart.


I miss seeing your face efurry day and hearing what woo had been up to efurry day! I spokes to woo efurry day and dere is a huge void in my heart.  My head knows dat woo is happy at da Bridge wiv all of our lost furiends but my heart just can’t always accept it because, Cossie, dere is a big hurties dere now.  As I pawromised woo my bro we has been looking after your mommy I has made sure dat mummy has been doing dat efurry day she either talks on da ibone to mommy or texted her (woo pawmember how we has pawscussed how hoomins pawgets fings so I gibs her gentle push).

IMG_6043   VV4

I wants woo to knows dat you will always be in my heart and dat when I gets weal sad I goes outside and sits underneath da sky and talks to woo (as I do wiv Phi who woo are no doubt wiggling wiv) I can sit dere and just finks about woo and talks to woo and mommy does da same and she talks alooooong time on da phone to your mommy (boy can day talks)!

I lubs woo my sweet Cossie you touched my life is so many ways and you weally were the most special liccle boy I was so blessed and pawroud to have in my life.


Always Your Sis Moo xxxxxxx


Phi–always in my heart

A week ago we all lost a speshul friend and greatly loved pal who I was very proud to call my best furiend and I has tried for over a week to do this blog about Phi so da best way I came up wiv doing dis was doing a letter, so please forgive me if its disjointed its just written from my heart.


My Dearest Bestie

I cannot quite beleeb (even after a week) dat woo is not here, I always fort quite naively maybe dat woo would be here furever and cannot explain how much I miss woo.  We shared so much stuff togefur on twitter and off twitter, not only is woo my bestest furiend your mummy is also our bestest furiend and we has shared so much and been froo so much from the fun and laffter to being dere and holding each ofurs paws when we has lost ofur pals.

When I first met woo we got on so well straight away and werry quickly became besties wiv our pawloved Katie, to start wiv everyfink was fun and we laughed and did hillrolls togefur and got covered in mud ALOT! But den it moved on from dere woo tort me werry quickly that twitter was so much more than just fun and games we were a community and dat when ofur anipals were having bad days or not well we could be dere togefur.

Woo pawtroduced me to many pals and also to #nipclub and again alfo dat was about having fun it was also supporting charities which was so impawtent.  Da greatest fing woo taught me bestie was to have a big heart because my sweet girl woo had the biggest heart of anyone I has ever known in my life.

You made me laff so much and filled my love wiv so much loves and happiness you always fort of ofurs before anypawdy and it goes wivout saying (but I will say it) your hugs were so loved froo-out twitter I finks dat over the last week the outpouring of wuff for woo shows how much woo were loved but dere is so much dat pals dusn’t know abouts woo dat woo did behind the scenes.  For instance when I was ill woo and Truman stayed up all night to make sure I was okay during my operashun and woo gave me so many tips and if it hadn’t been for woo and Truman mummy would have gone mad!


phi 2-jpg (2)

I has so many example of your kind heart and finking of ofurs but I finks da one dat stands out da most is when you got poorly I had a tweet up on da day when you got da pawful news but woo didn’t tells me even though your mummy was beside herself because woo didn’t want to ruin my tweet up and to me dat just personifies you kindness bestie.

I miss woo so much efurry day in efurry way possible, I miss your hugs and wiggles and your kind heart and happy tweets but most of all I miss my best furiend the light has gone quite dark in my liccle werld and it will be some time before it comes back again.  Twitter has lost a huge huge personality and the kindest paw I ever did know.

My heart is so sad and hurts deeply dat woo is not here but efurry time we goes outside and we looks up at the sky dere is always one star that seems to call to me and just twinkles so brightly and I know woo is dere bestie wiggling away on dat cloud of yours I unnerstand dat rainbow bridge wanted woo I just wish wiv all my heart we had had woo fur longer.

phi and me

Never ever pawget bestie no matter where woo are we will always be super besties just as we always said and dat I will do everyfink in my power to looks after your mummy and my mummy will support her froo everyfink, so until we meet again bestie in da clouds I loves woo, I miss woo and you are always always in my heart *blows huge kisses*


Moo xxxxxxxxx

Interview with Twitter’s biggest bear!

Every once in a while somefink really pawmazinks happens to us all and we just can’t beelebs what lucky furs we is!  I fort how pawsome it would be to interpaw a celebrity but couldn’t figure out whose to ask!  So anyways I got my courage and asked da fapawulous Mr Bear if I could interpaw him; and he said yes stwaight away I was so surprised and pawmazed so I gots myselfs all ready to meets him and armed myselfs wiv honey pies as he weally likes dem!!  I hopes woo enjoy meetings him as much I did interpawing him!  Mr Bear is on twitter wiv his teddy brofur Rocky.  You can follow him at @mrbearandrocky if woo dus be pawpared to laff alot he’s a very funny Bear!

Mr Bear 3

Mr Bear & Rocky!

Tell me a bit about yourself Mr Bear how you ended up wiv your minion?

I am a BIG bear. I am 3’3″ tall and I weigh 316lbs. Luckily minion is strong and can lift me. I prefer not to get my paws dirty so I like to be carried.  I found my minion when she was 5 years old and I was a baby bear.   We have been together ever since.

What goes on in your typical day?

Since I am a BIG bear, I have to eat a lot.  I demand at least 7 meals a day and 6 snacks, however, that is my bear minimum.  So I start the day with first breakfast and second breakfast then two morning snacks. Then there is first lunch and second lunch and two more snacks. Finally, there is first, second and third dinner, followed by evening snack and midnight snack.  Besides eating, I like to take naps. A bear needs a lot of sleep to keep his fur looking good.  Other than that, I generally supervise my minion and make sure she does what she’s supposed to do.

Is your minion well trained and if she is how did you manage it?

My minion is sadly not well trained despite my best efforts. I have a bell that I use to alert her when I need something. She is pretty good about running over to me when I ring my service bell, however, she is not good at following through with my requests.  I ask for cakes and pies and she brings me horrible green veggie things because she says they are healthy.  She is wrong. Veggies are not good for bears, cakes and pies are good for bears.

Mr Bear 2

Mr Bear Loves His Pies!!!!

How did you end up getting on twitter?

I used to be on Facebook but they deleted me when they were in there animal discrimination phase. Now, I hear that they are okay with animals but it’s too late.  I will not allow Facebook the honor of my presence.  I went to Twitter instead and I am much happier here.

What do you and Rocky enjoy doing togefur?

Rocky is my beary best friend. We do ebearything together. Rocky usually hangs out on my lap or on my head when he’s not fetching things for me and when he’s not piloting my Bearjet. Rocky is a beary good pilot and flies my Bearjet all over the world to pick up my pals and take me places.

What dus you enjoy da most about twitter?

The best thing about twitter is getting to meet pals from ebearywhere.  I have met a lot of fellow bears as well as many other animals.  I’m also friends with a very select group of humans.  Most humans don’t interest me and I find them boring.

What dus you hate doing da most?

I refuse to do work. I am a bear and bears should never have to work.  Unfortunately, my minion is so clueless that she needs a lot of supawvision.  It is beary tiring to supawvise my minion and I don’t enjoy doing it at all.

If woo had free wishes what would you wish fur?

My three wishes would be: #1 unlimited supply of HONEY pies! #2 A bearpool with a beartub and a personal bearwaiter to bring me icey honey drinks with little umbrellas in them.  #3 A personal bearchef.

Dus you have a speshul somefur in your life Mr Bear (like a girlbear)?

I am a proud Bearchelor. I don’t have a girlbearfriend and I don’t want one. I prefer to hang with my buddies.  Although I do think that @TabithaTeddy is beary pretty.

Mr Bear, what would you say your best personality trait is and your worst?

My best personality trait is that I am a beary confident Bear and ebearybody likes me.  I don’t have a bad personality trait because I am pawfect.  My minion says I have an overly healthy ego but she is confused, as usual.

Mr Bear 1

A True Champion of a Bear!

Training lesson for mummy (#1)

Hewo everyfurr! I has wealised dat as a doggy dere are many fings we has to dus da most impawtent of which is of course, walkies, sleepings and eatings but most wecently I has wealised dat supawvising mummy is also a very impawtent job!

One of the most impawtent fings dat mummy needs supawvising wiv is da washing of da clothes, now I dusn’t know if dis is the same in all pet households but basically what happens is dat da clothes comes from da hamper in da baffroom and den she sorts dem out downstairs by da big fing what eats the clothes, but before she puts dem in dere day has to be sorted and she is usually werry slow at doing this so this is where I has to supawvise I find dat if I stands and barks she get pawstracted and will come and sees what I is barking at so while she does dis I dive into the big basket wiv all da clothes cos naturally we doesn’t want dem to disappear dus we?


So after dat has happened mummy den feels weally bad about movings me so I has to pawtend den dat I is not really paying attenshun to hers! Dese hoomins are weally sneakies you knows has woo noticed how day try to catch your eye when day wants woo to do somefink?  So I has learned dat if you looks like you is really interested in somefink else day dus tend to gives up!


So by doing dis you gets two fings done you has da hoomins right where you wants dem and den you has a new comfy bed and if woo looks cute enough at dem (which let’s face we all does pawmazingly well) day feels bad fur moving you and dis my furiends is how woo train your hoomin in the washing and den when day starts moaning about how much washing day has you quietly laughs behind your paw!


Interview With tapas peanut head

Hi All! This is my second interview wiv a #PSGT member and dis week we has da turn of Tapas Peanut Head (Taps to his furiends of which I is one).  The best way to pawscribe Taps is well he’s a dog! He’s a one year old Jack-Chi full of fun and always the joker!  When I first met Taps he convinced me he was a Great Dane but just a puppy and for a few weeks I fell for dat hook, line and sinker!  So here we go everyfur meet Tapas!




Hi Taps fanks fur coming in to be interviewed today!

Hi Moo *Waves paws an runs over to hug Moo jumps on Swivel chair and starts spinning round*  I have been soooo pawcited to have a go in this chair.. Sparks told me I would love it… gosh it does go rather fast doesn’t it? (hastily regrets having 2 big Macs on way over)


Taps being interviewed

Tell me a bit about yourself Taps how you ended up wiv your hoomin?

Oh okay well I met Mum an Dad in a pub *tuts* how very typical of them… My twin sister was going to live with their friend and when Mum heard about me she begged my Dad to let me move in with them.  Dad was easy to win over cause he loves Dogs and already has a little boy called Pocket *whispers* I call him my Brofur – I got my name Tapas because Mum says I was a little tasty morsel and Dad thought my Brofur might eat me as a snack.


Pocket & Taps

What goes on in your typical day?

I always get up first with Mum – my Brofur is a complete lazy bones *giggles* I love zoomin round the garden an then I run back in an start jumping about till everyone is awake.  I get lots of trips to big parks, canal walks and I go to the pub.  Mum an Dad never go anywhere they can’t take me an Pocket – apart from work tho *shakes head* no way would I go there although when I was tiny Dad used to hide me in my big puppy carrier an take me to work sometimes *whispers* but his boss never knew.  I have 2 dog walkers for when Mum an Dad working *sniggers* they spoil me loads

Is your hoomin well trained Taps and if she is how did you manage it?

Well Trained? *thinks and scratches head* I do have to get Mum to hold a lead on busy roads but I let her go once we’re in the Park *giggles* but that’s cause she’s boring an doesn’t do zoomies like I do.  I’ve taught Mum that if I sit down and do this *launches Sad eyes* I get a treat!!!!

How did you end up getting on twitter?

My first tweet ever was *giggles* “Mieow” I think Mum set my account up cause she was bored of talking to hoomins and thought I would have more fun.  I made her buy a pawpad I tweet so much *chuckles* My Dad calls me Peanut Head *spins road to show peanut shaped head* so I added that to my name too

Dus you fink dogs are smarterer dan cats like Sparks fur instance?

*whispers* Is Sparks meant to be clever?  *rolls around laffin* I think all the other Cats are probably cleverer but that’s only cause they can spell.

What dus you enjoy to do in da evening?

Hmmmm *sips milkshake*  do you have any crisps Moo? No Taps at da end of the interview!

Ermm In the evening I either go pub or go out for a walk but I do like yapping to all my twitter gang in my pyjamas *whispers* I have Barbie ones!!!!

What dus you enjoy da most about twitter?

I love all the pals I have made – some of them just make me laff an laff.  Being in a gang is the best ever – we there for each other even when we’re sad

What dus you hate doing da most during the day?

I hate doing the washing up or hovering but I think Mum knows cause she never makes me do it.

If woo had free wishes what would you wish fur?

Like every other anipal I imagine..I wish for our safety first.. Its just not fair that anipals get treated badly in the horrible horrible manner that we hear about.

My 2nd wish would be that People stop stealing dogs – I get really leaky eyes when I imagine them not being at home with their proper families *sniffs*

My 3rd wish would be that Parents educate their children an probably themselves too *giggles* better on anipal behaviour.  I really think there would be less worry and harm if they did.

Apart from the Gang on twitter is dere any other anipal/pawson we should all follow?

My #psgt gang is the bestest so you should definitely follow them – We’re in England Ireland and America –  I also laff my stripey sock off at  @beanobrien13 and @GibsonThe Kitty

Taps, what would you say your best personality trait is and your worst?

Well my best for sure is that I’m a very happy playful pup.  I love chasing an I do this thing where I rev up by scuffing my back legs on the floor when I want their attention to play ball and I end up falling sideways but only really my Mum an Dad ever see me do that.

My worst *spins chair and thinks* hmmm I think I’m very funny so I probably annoy a lot of people!  Oh I know *giggles* its when I tell everyone I want to be a Great Dane when I grow up.  I think everyone should definitely have a dream – if not how are they meant to come true..

Thank you so much Taps for your insightful interview *hands Taps his pink milkshake*

Is that me now? *runs off* bye Moo *runs back an gives another hug* You were pawsome at Interviewing.

If woo wants to follows Taps on twitter he is @littletapas


Taps – The Great Dane?

Interview with sparkle

Hewo Everyone!

I iz part of dis pawsome gang on twitter called #psgt (pawsomest gang on twitter) and some of da furs has kindly agreed to be interviewed so firstly I would like to introduce Sparkle to you a bewtiful puddy tat what made furiends wiv me after a really hard day when I had been bullied by horripaw hoomins on my walkies and den introduced me to da #psgt #bestgang!  Sparks is da most kind, caring and loyal pal dat I dus know! If you wants to follows her you can dus at @sparklecatcat on twitter! I hopes you enjoy da interview!


Tell me a bit about yourself Sparks how you ended up wiv your hoomin?

My mums old tabby cat died aged 17 and mum was very upset. Apparently he was the best thing on 4 paws. Mum said the house felt so empty wivout him but felt disloyal getting anufur cat. She lasted a week & den decided the best thing to do would be to foster kittens for Cats Protection. She passed the requirements and next day me and my 3 black fur sisters were delivered.

We were 4 weeks old! We filled the house with fun and completely ruined all the curtains and furniture!  We made a huge hole in the side of the sofa & lived inside for a while and I also got stuck behind the freezer. Four kittens togefur are mad but mum absolutely loved it. When it came to us being rehomed mum couldn’t do it and wouldn’t answer the phone. But in the end she agreed to let 2 sisters be rehomed togefur and kept me and my sisfur Pickle.  Pickle was the funniest , bravest little thing , I loved her so much we were always togefur, we even shared a hammock to sleep in.

One day though, when she was 18 months old, Pickle got to brave and crossed the main road, she never made it. Mum and I were heartbroken. So for 4 years me and mum were on our own but then she went with a friend to a cat rehoming day and came home wiv my furbro Riley.

What goes on in your typical day?

In a typical day I wake mum up and we have breakfast , den I check out the garden and den I walk round da house doing the loudest meows ever, anyone that hears me would fink I in pain. I like mum to open all the doors for me, I don’t like nuffink being shut. When all doors are opened to my satisfaction I get in my hammock which hangs on the radiator and snooze. I do that for a while and then I may go out in da garden again or try and get under mums feet. If there is any paperwork then I make sure I sit on it. I will have a little wash and then it be tea time and then time for twitter. Before we go to bed I always have a little chicken snack.

Is your hoomin well trained Sparks and if she is how did you manage it?

Yes she very well trained, she does exactly as she told or I don’t stop meowing and she says it goes straight through her head. In da morning if she doesn’t wake up I put my paw on her nose to make sure she gets up to give me my breakfast.

How did you end up getting on twitter?

Mum had to have an operation wiv a long recovery time. She had a twitter account but didn’t use it much but started using it more whilst recuperating. She got involved in trying to help find ratty_tinywolf when she went missing & from that started chatting to some doggys. I wasn’t having any of that so mum made me my own account so that I could chat too. Da rest, as dey say, is history!

Dus you fink cats are smarterer dan us doggies?

I fink cats are defo smarter dan dogs. We do our own fing, we not do any silly sit, lay down,  fetch business. We not grateful for anyfink , our hoomans be grateful if we purr at dem for a bit.


What dus you enjoy da most about twitter?

I likes chatting wiv different anipals from around da world and finding fings out. Mostly though I likes to have fun and laugh wiv my pals.

What dus you hate doing da most during the day?

I iz a cat so I don’t do nuffink that I hatez. Probably da worst fing is if mum goes out and I have no one to meow at.

If woo had free wishes what would you wish fur?

I would wish dat all anipals had a loving home, dat there was no illness and dat efurryone could live in harmony.

Apart from the Gang on twitter who are your besties?

All my besties are in da gang , dey are a pawsome bunch of anipals , dey are the funniest, kindest pals ever. I loves dem furry much. I iz da only cat and dey look after me & protect me furry well. De only good pals dat are not in da gang are Dafluffarooniez , dey vewy good pals indeed.

Fanks woo fur taking part in my interview Sparks, what would you say your best personality trait is and your worst?

Fank u Moo fur interviewing me, who would have fort that I would be in a doggy bloggy!  I suppose my worst trait is that I am very demanding, I’m always wanting sumfink,  my best trait is I am a loyal friend


Bella & amy

Hewo Furiends

I wants to introduces woos to my sisters (well day not weally my blood sisters but day is my Aunty Tus’ furbabies and spends lots of times wiv us) now day is not on da twitter so fort I would asks dem some questions so you can gets to knows dem and wuffs dem like I dus!  So firstly me is going to introduce dem to woos!



Bella is a 4-year old yorkie who was adopted by her mummy (my Aunty Tus) when she was just a puppy wiv her sister Capri (sadly Capri went OTRB two years ago).  Bella is a fun loving, very sociable yorkie who wuffs her mummy and daddy and her walkies and playing wiv her toys! 

So lets get to knows her a bit betters

Q: Bella fanks woos fur agreeing to lets me asks woo some questions for my blog

A: You are most welcome Molly thank you for letting me be in your blog!

Q: So tell me about your familee den Bella

A: Well dere is my mummy (Aunty Tus) and my Daddy (Uncle Ian) and den my sisfur Amy we all lives togefur in a house in Wales and I has my Aunty Emma (my mummy) and Uncle Tony (my daddy) and den dere is Suki, Jess, Jack and of course Moo Poo

Q: What is your most favourite thing to do?

A: I wuffs da walkies dat is my most favourite fings to do mummy says “what do you want bella” and I knows straight away what she means I wuffs to run and run and chase my ball espeshully on da beach!


Q:  What do you enjoy most about your walkies?

A:  I loves it when my daddy frows my ball and stones into the water and I goes and chases them but can’t always find dem again!

Q: What do you hate doing most?

A: I gets very annoyed when I has to share my fluffly cuddly stuffies as day are MINE! Mummy is quite insistent dat I share my toys but I am no keen on dis idea!

Q: How do you get on with your sisfur?

A: I gets on well with her unless she tries to takes my treats and den I dus tells her off! But we wuffs to play togefur although it takes alot of persuasion on my part!

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: I dus wuff proper chicken (not dis rubbish stuff mummy tries palm me of with sometimes) and I dus likes mince as well *drools*

Q: Do you have a favourite toy?

A: My Aunty Emma bort me a fluffy duck for cwissmass and I dus wuffs dat but da duck got sick and lost all his stuffing!

Q: Where do you sleep at night?

A: I sleep on mummy’s and daddy’s bed under the duvet *confused ears* doesn’t everyfur?

Thank you Bella here is a biscuit for your time!



Amy is a 7-year old yorkshire terrier who was adopted by her mummy (Aunty Tus) and her daddy (Uncle Ian) when she was 18 months old from a farm as her previous owners said she was a bully (look at dat face how can she be a bully)!!!!!

Q: Amy fanks woos fur agreeing to lets me asks woo some questions for my blog

A: Dat is okay Molly but can we make it snappy as dis is taking away from my nap time!

Q: What is your most favourite thing to do?

A: To curl up on my mummy’s lap and goes to sleep *yawns looking at mummy’s lap*

Q: What do you enjoy most about your walkies?

A: When I know we are heading back to the car unless its snowing as I do like the snow!

Amy Snow

Q: What do you hate doing most?

A: I hate it when mummy stops cuddling me and puts me down on the floor I should be carried at all times!

Q: How do you get on with your sisfur?

A: I do tolerate her but she is very annoying when I sleep because she jumps on my head to play and I do quite often gives her a few minutes of my time!

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: I just love beef its my most favourite fing ever *looks at fridge and points paws* can I have some now is dis interview over *yawns*

Q: Do you have a favourite toy?

A: I has some mouses which squeaks and I dus wuffs dem its da only time I tend to move on mummy’s knee!

Q: Where do you sleep at night?

A: Under the duvet between my mummy and daddy just so I can keep my eye on dem!

Thank you so much for your time Amy here is a biscuit!!!!


So dere we has it everyfur I hope you found dis interesting!

Love Moo Poo

A letter to austin

I recently went to another OTRB ride (sadly there has been far to many just lately) I knew of Austin Schnauzer but didn’t know him personally, however, at that ride Austin’s daddy shared a letter wiv us all that he had written to Austin and it touched us very deeply indeed.

Austin was clearly the apple of his daddy’s eye and was very loved and is very missed as well.

Austin 1

I contacted Austin’s Daddy and asked him if I could do a blog about Austin and he very kindly agreed I could and even said I could share wiv woo the letter he tweeted so here is the letter:

Dear Austin:

I still don’t know exactly what made me drive 300 miles round trip to meet you, but once I did, I knew I wasn’t leaving you behind. You were living in rural Washington state, in a rescue woman’s house with too many other dogs. You were all too happy to say, “Oh! You came to pick me up! Come on! Let’s go!” and jump in the backseat through my car’s open door.

I do remember what made me fall in love with you. Just minutes later, on the drive home, you stood on the back seat directly behind me and rested your chin on my right shoulder, as if to say, “Thank you for finally coming for me.”

Your previous family abandoned you when their house went into foreclosure. I could see this effect on you when I brought you home: The standing and whining at any door I was on the other side of; the rifling through garbage cans (probably the only way you found food for a while); the constant supervision and scrutiny of action. Yet, it was obvious that someone spent a lot of time socializing you, training you, teaching you manners, and loving you. I wracked my brain trying to figure out why anyone would abandon such a handsome, loving, well-behaved gentleman, such as yourself.

Eventually, you learned I would always come back for you. I think the first time I dropped you off at the groomer was the hardest. I cried that day because I missed you so much. Turns out, you missed me too. I will never forget the freshly sheared, 65lb Schnauzer who tried to climb into my lap that evening.

Austin, you are the sweetest, most amazing guy I’ve ever met. Intelligent, affectionate, an angel from Heaven. Your stump-wagging butt-wiggling personality was so infectious, everyone who ever met you fell in love with you. Family would ask about you. Friends would end their emails, “Give Austin a butt-rub for me.” I thanked God every day that we found each other, and that we had such a wonderful friendship.

I want you to know that you are the best thing ever to come into my life. We rescued each other that day in rural Washington. I may have brought you to the house I lived in, but you made it a home. You lived in this house almost as long as I have, and your absence leaves me as empty as this house.

Austin, I love you. Thank you for sharing your life with me. You will always have a bowl of water and a bed here, and you will always be the love of my life.



Words from My Mummy:

Everytime I read this letter I get a huge lump in my throat and haven’t been able to stop thinking about how loved Austin was and how much love and joy he quite clearly gave Michael.

So the next time your furry friend poops where they shouldn’t or does something you think is “naughty” just think of Austin and how much loss and sorrow Michael now feels, I do complain about what my furbabies (as I am sure we all do) but there is never a day that goes by when I don’t feel how blessed I am to have them and when I do count my blessings I also say a little prayer for Michael.

Austin’s Dad Michael is still on twitter and is obviously grieving for the loss of Austin but would I’m sure appreciate a hello at @austinschnauzer


So dat is all I wanted to see in this bloggy and I hope dat you not minds me sharing dis wiv woo all

Love Moo Poo




We is celebrating the birfdays/gotcha days of Phi (@3phibotticelli), Katie (@katiepops_L) and Tommy (@tommypug) – we will has moosic and noms so pawlease helps us celebrate dere gotcha/birfdays!  Everyfur welcome.

We has some very kind furs dat has agreed to be your barktenders and DJ’s!  Let me introduce dem to woos:


3-4pm EST: Doggymolly IMG_3450



4-5pm EST: PepperpomPepper




5-6pm EST: TweetingtrumanTruman




6-7pm EST: Tweetingtruman and Bilbo_the_Bunny

Bilbo barktending      Truman


3-4pm EST: Skye613Skye



4-5pm EST: kingtuttifruitikingtuttifruiti








5-6pm EST: shaynacatDJ Shayna (1)




6-7pm EST: IamrustycatRusty






KPT Pawtails

Flaming Pawtails

Birfday Punch


Here come the Girls Pawtails


Strawberry Pawgherita


Pawna Colada

Sangria Pawty Pawtail


Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

BBQ BurgersLasagnePhi Glazed ChickenBacon BurgersKatie's SteakPuggy Sausages

Malteser Birfday Cayk

Birfday Biscuits

I hope dat woo all has a weally good time!