A letter to austin

I recently went to another OTRB ride (sadly there has been far to many just lately) I knew of Austin Schnauzer but didn’t know him personally, however, at that ride Austin’s daddy shared a letter wiv us all that he had written to Austin and it touched us very deeply indeed.

Austin was clearly the apple of his daddy’s eye and was very loved and is very missed as well.

Austin 1

I contacted Austin’s Daddy and asked him if I could do a blog about Austin and he very kindly agreed I could and even said I could share wiv woo the letter he tweeted so here is the letter:

Dear Austin:

I still don’t know exactly what made me drive 300 miles round trip to meet you, but once I did, I knew I wasn’t leaving you behind. You were living in rural Washington state, in a rescue woman’s house with too many other dogs. You were all too happy to say, “Oh! You came to pick me up! Come on! Let’s go!” and jump in the backseat through my car’s open door.

I do remember what made me fall in love with you. Just minutes later, on the drive home, you stood on the back seat directly behind me and rested your chin on my right shoulder, as if to say, “Thank you for finally coming for me.”

Your previous family abandoned you when their house went into foreclosure. I could see this effect on you when I brought you home: The standing and whining at any door I was on the other side of; the rifling through garbage cans (probably the only way you found food for a while); the constant supervision and scrutiny of action. Yet, it was obvious that someone spent a lot of time socializing you, training you, teaching you manners, and loving you. I wracked my brain trying to figure out why anyone would abandon such a handsome, loving, well-behaved gentleman, such as yourself.

Eventually, you learned I would always come back for you. I think the first time I dropped you off at the groomer was the hardest. I cried that day because I missed you so much. Turns out, you missed me too. I will never forget the freshly sheared, 65lb Schnauzer who tried to climb into my lap that evening.

Austin, you are the sweetest, most amazing guy I’ve ever met. Intelligent, affectionate, an angel from Heaven. Your stump-wagging butt-wiggling personality was so infectious, everyone who ever met you fell in love with you. Family would ask about you. Friends would end their emails, “Give Austin a butt-rub for me.” I thanked God every day that we found each other, and that we had such a wonderful friendship.

I want you to know that you are the best thing ever to come into my life. We rescued each other that day in rural Washington. I may have brought you to the house I lived in, but you made it a home. You lived in this house almost as long as I have, and your absence leaves me as empty as this house.

Austin, I love you. Thank you for sharing your life with me. You will always have a bowl of water and a bed here, and you will always be the love of my life.



Words from My Mummy:

Everytime I read this letter I get a huge lump in my throat and haven’t been able to stop thinking about how loved Austin was and how much love and joy he quite clearly gave Michael.

So the next time your furry friend poops where they shouldn’t or does something you think is “naughty” just think of Austin and how much loss and sorrow Michael now feels, I do complain about what my furbabies (as I am sure we all do) but there is never a day that goes by when I don’t feel how blessed I am to have them and when I do count my blessings I also say a little prayer for Michael.

Austin’s Dad Michael is still on twitter and is obviously grieving for the loss of Austin but would I’m sure appreciate a hello at @austinschnauzer


So dat is all I wanted to see in this bloggy and I hope dat you not minds me sharing dis wiv woo all

Love Moo Poo


16 thoughts on “A letter to austin

  1. Thank you Molly for reminding us to be grateful for every moment we are blessed to spend with our fur babies! And thank you to Austins daddy for allowing you to share with us this sad experience! Your mums reminder to forget the small stuff and love is just lovely!

    Love to you all

    Lara, Katie and Mop xxxx

  2. Dis is a bootiful bloggy entry, Molly, in honor of a bootiful pup and his bootiful person. It’s da miracle of our wunnerful anipal community dat we can see da booty eben when we feel such sadness. Bery nicely done. Luffs you, @DearClyde

    • Fanks fur your words Clyde, we was so very touched by dat letter and his daddy gave us permission so I wanted other furs to be able to see the immense love both Austin and his Daddy had fur each other Luffs you bunches

  3. Austin was my friend. When I see that sentence I just typed, it makes me feel so deeply sad that I cry arooo and Mom too. So when I think of what it meant for Michael to type his sentences, every sentence, it makes me really really sad and proud dat Austin made such a huge pawprint on his Dad and on us all. Me miss him and will think of him every single day. He was a prince among pups. Arooooo. Fanks for reminding us Moo that we count! We matter to our pals and our peeps. Wuv counts.

    • Bestie what a lovely comment we was so touched by his daddy’s letter I just wanted to put it in a blog and his daddy kindly agreed. Wuff is what matters and Austin and his daddy quite clearly had loads fur each other loves you sweetest bestie – Moo

  4. This such a tender and touching letter. I fell the same about my Furbabies. I am thankful for every minute I have. I also know it’s one less I will have in the future. I honewstly pary that when I close my eyes for the last time hear on Earth that the next time I open them I will be with all of my furbabies again never to be seperated again. I love you all. You were the best family anyone coukld ask for.

  5. Friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts, finding someone you not only share interests with but also trust so much that you can share yourself with them. Losing that friendship involves the loss of part of yourself, for you have given a piece of yourself to your friend and in their passing they have taken that piece of you with them. However we also keep a piece if that friend given to us by them, and when we share that piece with others out friend lives on. You have insured that Austin will live in all of our hearts by sharing your friendship with Austin. Bless you!

  6. Every anipal deserves to be loved as much as Archie is loved. Sending #ComfortingPurrs & love to Michael – Archie will always be by your side. Just close your eyes & you’ll feel his love in your heart.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful letter Molly! I love you my sweet fureind! ((HUGS))

  7. Makin’ the peep cry. Her eyes have gone all wattery. Mine too.

    Many purrs for Austin up in Heaven and healin’ purrs for those left behind.


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